Eating and living consciously

Why I do it, Part 1


You’ve heard the cultural wisdom, right? Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. To prove that even more, in a completely different way, here begins a new chapter: My blog life.

I know by now you’ve read some about how eating and living consciously are so important to me and how I’ve stepped onto the path of helping others. Which means it’s now a perfect time to share some more about why those things have become forefront in my life.

So here goes: After the death of my husband and losing my job of 18 years, I learned that you really and truly can heal yourself through what you eat and through exercise. All of us have challenges, big and small, everyday. Those challenges may have nothing to do with diet and exercise whatsoever, and yet eating well and moving your body (in whatever way makes you most happy) can help you stay focused and find joy and peace in some of the most difficult moments imaginable.

Let’s start with the food element. This has a far, far bigger effect on our everyday lives and behavior than most people think. The results of eating unconsciously can be detrimental to our kids, to the world we live in, to our communities, and to ourselves. And that last one might be the hardest of all. Because if we’re not taking care of ourselves first, we can’t be sure we can take great care of those we love, either.

My next post will get into the nitty gritty of how to do that.