Nourish Your Soul Mission

What We Believe


As Nourish Your Soul expands its reach and grows its community in Boston, we got to thinking about our mission as we take those steps forward. Our philosophy hasn’t changed since we first opened, but it seems like a great time to explain more of it, explain more about why we believe it, and share it with you.

So here is what we believe:

At Nourish Your Soul, we believe that a clear body, mind, and heart can heal you on every level. We’ve seen the powerful change that can be brought by making good everyday choices, and creating a lifestyle that supports us.

We are a juice company—but really, we’re about the big picture of your health and happiness. And small steps can add up to powerful change. Above all, we empower you to achieve optimal health and happiness one sip, one breath, one bite, one moment, and one choice at a time.

We believe that that on a personal level, true health is overarching; that products are only part of its equation. True health is about finding balance, and that comes from the inside out. It’s as much about mind and soul as it is body—and in fact, all three of those elements have to work together to achieve balance.

We believe that everyone deserves to breathe a little more. We deserve to joyfully move our bodies more. Deserve to reflect on our lives and deserve to live a little deeper. Deserve to care for ourselves as much as we take care of others. And yes, we believe that, at the heart of all of that, is nourishment for the soul.

We believe all of that because that’s what experiences in our own lives have taught us.

Our founder, Susan Cabana, has learned that first-hand. One night more than ten years ago, she unexpectedly lost her husband of 10 years, her very best friend, and the father of her three girls. His heart just stopped. At age 37, she was left to raise her daughters and pick up her life’s pieces while working on Wall Street. Then in 2008 the economic crash hit, and she lost her 18-year career.

After wrestling with the depths of fear and devastation, she convinced herself that she needed to keep living for her own sake, and her daughters’. She committed to healing herself. The biggest transformation in her life was adding one green juice a day. And she began moving—she started running and then found yoga.

It was on her yoga mat that her teacher asked the question, “What would you do if you had no barriers or fears?” In that moment, she knew she wanted to pursue a career of helping people heal themselves through a way of living that includes movement, meditation, gratitude, and feeding and sustaining their bodies through nutrition.

Physical, mental, and spiritual health are all connected. You can improve your life through proper nutrients, breathing a bit more, loving yourself and finding a way to move your body. When you do those things, everything else falls into place because you’ve truly taken the steps to Nourish Your Soul.