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Transitioning Into Post-cleanse Mode


After you’ve cleansed, you’ll definitely feel better. Some of the amazing benefits? A feeling of lightness and clarity, for starters. You’ll also find you have a healthy glow, and noticeably more energy.

All that said, it’s best not to overindulge with food the first few days to maximize the effects. Eating more than you need to will just negate all the hard work you just did. So moving forward, here’s what’s ideal for your body right now:

Day 1:
Aim for three small meals. Start with a green juice, a smoothie, or fruit. Eat light. A raw salad and steamed veggies are good choices.

Day 2:
Start your day with a green juice, a smoothie, or fruit. For lunch and dinner you can begin to add in whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa. Continue with steamed or raw vegetables and a leafy green salad.

Day 3:
Much like day 2; you can add in protein such as eggs or fish. Continue to avoid processed foods, cow dairy, meat, and poultry until day 4.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog—I’ve got a terrific recipe for a healthy, vitamin-packed meal you can make during your transition out of the cleanse.