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The Breakdown of a Cleanse


Whatever you put into your body—everything from food and drink to air and any chemicals—has a direct and long-term effect on how you feel and function. All of it contributes to toxins accumulating inside you.

So how to combat all of that? Cleansing allows your body to eliminate these toxins and give your digestive system a break. Simply put, detoxification is an important element in healing and improving your life.

With Nourish Your Soul juices, you can choose the amount of days depending on your needs. The best way to prepare your body a few days prior to cleansing is by cutting back or eliminating caffeine, dairy, meat, sugar, and processed food. Also, try adding in more fresh vegetables and fruit.

As for during your cleanse, start your day with warm water and lemon. This helps to cleanse your body and get things moving. Drink your juices about 2 hours apart. You should start your first juice about the time you would have breakfast. If you like, you
 can have herbal tea throughout the day. It’s important to hydrate your body throughout the day, drinking as much water as possible between your juices.

The drink order goes like this:

  1. Green Juice
  2. PPM
  3. Green Juice
  4. Detox Lemonade
  5. Almond Milk
  6. Aloe Water

Over the coming week, we’ll continue to give you key tips and tips and methods on detoxing, to support you in transforming your body, heart, and mind. Stay tuned!