Apples: the fall superfood

Superfood: Apples


Did you know that apples, one of our favorite fall foods, are powerful detoxifiers that work to cool your body from the lingering heat of the summer?

So much so, in fact, that you can consider them one of your most potent fall beauty staples.

They detox and act as a cooling device for the body, because they contain the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory pigment quercetin, which has become a hot skin-care ingredient thanks to its powerful defense against free-radical and UVB damage. It also offers anti-cancer and anti-aging compounds and a natural antihistamine.

Even apples’ skins get in on the action; they contain a phytochemical that defends against wrinkles. They’re also a great source of pectin, which fills you up and helps your body detox. Plus they’re great for digestion and your skin.

So it turns out that an apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away, but maybe the dermatologist, too. All of apples’ healthy goodness is found in our green juice and green glow smoothie.