dry summer skin solutions

Summer Skin Renewal


I’ve talked before about the big benefits of exfoliation in our ongoing mission to live as clean as we can; it can be one of the most effective, simple routines that you can easily add to your morning before your shower or at night before bed.

And now, at the end of the summer when the sun and sand have dried our skin, this easy practice is more essential to renewing your skin’s health and your overall circulation than ever.

Dry brushing is one of my favorite methods. It has amazing benefits for the skin—the body’s biggest organ. Not only does it boost your circulation and lymphatic drainage, it also helps you shed dead skin, helps rid the body of toxins, and leaves you with fresher, glowing, clearer, healthy skin.

It boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage, releasing toxins and wastes so the body functions more effectively. Moreover, since it opens up the pores, your skin absorbs more nutrients when you apply products afterwards.

You should dry brush just before your shower, while skin is dry. Starting at your feet, move up your body to your legs (front and back), stomach (counterclockwise), butt, and arms.  You should only brush towards the heart, making long sweeps with the brush. And, don’t brush too hard: it should invigorate your skin but not irritate it.

For dry brushing I love the Baudelaire dry brush, which is available through Follain. You can find them at other sources as well, but be careful to make sure that they’re natural, and that the bristles are firm.

If you prefer to exfoliate in the shower, there are all different kinds of options—some more effective than others. A gentle and natural one that still gets the job done well is Molton Brown’s Fiery Pink Pampering Body Polisher, which uses bamboo stem particles to get rid of dead skin, and pink pepper pods as antioxidant protection.

Experiment with both in-shower and outside-shower exfoliation, and see which your skin and body responds to best. Whichever you prefer, remember that at this time of year especially, it’s ideal to try and exfoliate daily. Do that and you’ll notice new, fresh skin in no time.