Spring vibes


Hello Spring!!!  Spring represents a new season of beginnings with longer days, warmer days and beautiful things .  It is a time to renew, cleanse, rejuvenate, shine and to lighten up and shed some layers… both emotionally and physically. Focusing on consuming spring’s bounty of delicious fruits, vegetables, and legumes will rid the body of toxins, cleanse your organs, and fend off the damaging effects of food additives. It’s also a great time to ground yourself, move your body and breathe.

Here’s how:

Ground your self.

To ground ourselves, we need to remove ourselves from the clutter in our minds and connect to the present moment.  We literally need to ground ourselves to mother earth and connect to its energies.  Grounding ourselves energetically is important for our mental, emotional and physical health.

The best way to ground ourselves and connect to the energies of the earth? Walking barefoot in nature. The surface of the Earth holds subtle health-boosting energy that can recharge and heal.  Rooting down into the earth provides us with a strong foundation to allow us to grow, blossom and create.

Get moving.

Do whatever makes you feel good! Try yoga, running, swimming, spin, walking, or running around with your kids! Our body is the most effective cleansing tool we have. How we move them and sweat to release toxins out of our system is important. On top of that, when we move our body we feel so much better.


While moving our body is important, it’s also important to find stillness. When we breathe, we’re able to clear the mind. Find a few minutes a day just to be still and breathe. Take time to lighten up your thoughts and focus on thinking of something you’re grateful for. Clear out any thoughts that no longer serve you. This inner detox can have amazing affects on not only you, but also those around you.

Try a juice cleanse.

Spring is is a time of awakening! It’s a great time to align yourself with nature by cleansing, rid your body of toxins, and feel a sense of renewal. Over time the foods that you eat, the air that you breath, and the environment around us contribute to toxins accumulating in the body. Cleansing allows your body to eliminate these toxins and give your digestive system a break from digesting food. Detoxification is an important element to healing and improving your life. Every change of season is a good time to rid the body of toxins, but springtime cleansing is especially ideal, since it coincides with nature’s rebirth and growth.

Try and eliminate the foods that are heavy and hard to digest.

Processed dairy, gluten, sugar, and processed foods. Eat mostly fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, and of course drink plenty of good-quality purified or spring water.

Also add in the following foods that can help to cleanse the body:

◦Lemons: They contain high levels of Vitamin C and help to cleanse out toxic materials. Add lemon to warm or room-temperature water to improve digestion and strengthen the liver. Or grab a detox lemonade.or lavender charcoal lemonade.

◦Avocado: Packed with fiber and vitamins, avocado aids in detoxification by helping the liver purify any synthetic chemicals in our bodies.  Try our avocado toast!

◦Peas: High in protein and fiber, peas promote colon health and strengthen blood vessels.

◦Cherries: This super fruit is a nutritional powerhouse that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, and help rid the body of free radicals. Try it in our cherry almond smoothie. 

◦Asparagus: Containing folate and zinc, this spring vegetable provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits that make it one of the best natural artery-cleansing foods.

◦Fennel: A natural diuretic, it helps remove toxic substances from the body. It also contains heart-friendly potassium to help reduce blood pressure.

◦Dandelion greens: Bitter green like dandelion greens detox the kidney and liver. Try them in our grapefruit green.

◦Beets: This root vegetable contains flavonoids, which improve overall function of the liver. Try it in our beet blend or pink milk.