Soul Series: Molly Powers


Our Soul Series continues, spotlighting some of the vital and influential local voices in our community helping us connect our physical movement with inner strength.

In this post we focus on Molly Powers, who works as a medium, a Reiki Master, and also as a yoga instructor in her business, Powers of Healing. We sat down with her to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about you and your business. Where and what do you teach? How’d you become interested in teaching? How are you helping Bostonians move more?

I’ve been teaching yoga for 13 years in and around Boston. My first yoga class was in 2000 with Rolf Gates and it literally changed my life. Though I knew nothing about yoga, I continued to take his class every week at Baptiste Power Yoga Studio in Cambridge. Rolf and I became great friends and worked together at a studio in Boston.  I then took teacher training and became an instructor. Over the years, Rolf and I worked and taught together at various yoga studios in Boston and New York.

Yoga has brought me immense healing, peace, inspiration, happiness, and joy. I now teach Lexington Power Yoga, and I’ll also be teaching at Barre and Soul yoga and barre studio in Harvard  Square starting in January.
I also hold a Masters in Education in Mental Health Counseling. Before becoming a yoga instructor, I worked as a mental health therapist facilitating mens’ groups in correctional facilities
How do you nourish your soul?
It starts with nourishing my body. I drink healthy juices, smoothies, and maintain a healthy, plant-based diet. But I also like to indulge in sweets and I love dark chocolate. I exercise and try to make sure I do something each day that allows me to move my body… a run, taking a yoga or barre class, or maybe a hike. Up in New Hampshire, my husband and I have a favorite day hike that we’ll do any time of the year. Standing on the top of Mt. Israel and looking out over the Sandwich Wilderness brings great peace and nourishes my soul.
What’s your morning routine look like?
I’m a morning person. I teach 6 a.m. yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at Lexington Power Yoga. It’s a vigorous and challenging vinyasa flow. On the days that I’m not teaching early morning yoga, you’ll find me sitting at my dining room table drinking coffee and working. Running my business, Powers of Healing, is more than a full-time job:  I’m a one-woman company–phew!
What do you like to do for fun in Boston?
Outside of work, my husband and I spend a lot of time in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking, biking, and generally enjoying the outdoors. When we’re home in Cambridge we like to go for runs and also climb the stairs at the Harvard Stadium, which is a great workout. Except for yoga or barre, I always exercise outdoors. We also enjoy checking out some of the great restaurants in Boston and Cambridge.
One thing you’re really excited about for this winter?
My husband and I are taking a skip trip to France this winter. It should be a fun trip!
Key people or companies that have helped you grow…
My husband has been a big supporter of my work as a medium, Reiki Master, and yoga instructor. I’m so lucky to have him by my side as a constant source of support and love. I also have the support of great women entrepreneurs like my dear friend Leigh Standley DiBernardo, greeting card artist extraordinaire and the owner of Curly Girl Design, and my dear friend Susan Cabana.  Jillian McDonough, Yolanda Taylor, and Lorraine Shedoudi are the amazing team at Lexington Power Yoga. Jacqui Bonwell, fellow yoga teacher and healer, embodies grace and love, always. Rolf Gates is also dear to my heart and has helped me grow as a yoga teacher and healer.  “What we carry in our hearts is who we are; and who we are is a gift to this world.”