Nourishing food after cleanse

Post-cleanse Dinner Options: 5 Boston Restaurants That Serve Nourishing Food


A lot of people who’ve done cleanses have asked me what they should I eat afterward. The short answer: nourishing, fresh foods that are sustaining but not overly filling.

I’ve shared recipes here before and will keep doing so, but sometimes life and its schedules just intervene; we just don’t have enough time to cook. That’s when you’ve just got to head out to your favorite eatery, and that shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing eating healthy, nourishing meals. And that’s true all the time… whether you’ve just come off a cleanse, or want to be as healthy as possible all the time.

Thankfully to that end, Boston’s home to more than a slew of restaurants serving up dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Here are our top eight picks, in no particular order:

1. Row 34

383 Congress Street, Boston | 617.553.5900

The self acclaimed “workingman’s oyster bar” has a wide variety of great post-cleanse choices: seafood, salads, and fresh veggies.

Our favorites: raw bar selections ($1+), the grilled salmon ($26) with cannellini beans, fumet, gribiche.

2. Granary Tavern

70 Milk Street | 617.449.7110
There are more than six salads to choose from, and you can add super-fresh proteins (chicken, shrimp, sirloin, salmon, or lobster).

Our favorites: heirloom salad ($9) with kale, arugula, quinoa, toasted almonds, cipollini onions, heirloom carrots, herb vinaigrette; roasted beet salad ($9) with hanger steak, rice noodles, Napa cabbage, mango, herbs, peanuts, and Thai dressing.

3. Local 149

149 P Street, South Boston | 617.269.0900
Walk through the doors of Local 149 and you feel the immediately at home.

Our favorites: brickhouse chicken ($17), which is an oven-roasted chicken over mushroom, feta, and herb risotto; and and pork tenderloin ($18) with maple mustard glaze, sweet potato, and brown butter puree, wilted chard, and cranberry jam.

4. Bastille Kitchen

49 Melcher Street | 615.556.8000
Acontemporary French bistro that serves locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

Our favorites: seared diver scallops ($32) with chanterelle mushrooms, brussels sprouts, celeriac puree, onion marmalade, pickled mustard seeds; and grilled radicchio and endive ($11) with roasted carrots, glazed plums, and honey-yogurt dressing.

5. Blu Restaurant

4 Avery Street | 617.375 .8550
On the 4th floor above Equinox… you’ll love the views!

Our favorites: the vegan quinoa feast ($24) of grilled portabella mushroom, acorn squash, broccoli rabe, roasted beets, cilantro vinaigrette; the tuna tartare ($14) of sushi grade tuna, toasted sesame, soy sauce, taro chips, and avocado.

How about you…. Where do you go to get nourishing healthy food after or before your cleanse? We’d love to hear from you!