Just Breathe

Move your body.


I don’t care if it’s in between holiday concerts, crazy work hours, open houses, or gift shopping. Find something you love to do, and do it! Maybe you grab a spin class or go walking. Maybe you do a few downward dogs before finishing up the errands. Go for a run or do Pilates before taking care of everyone else. Exercising helps to reset the body, burn calories, ease stress, and help you focus. Plus, it’s just fun and pretty darn joyful.And honestly, isn’t that what the holidays are about anyway?

Moving your body helps you create new energy and shift your way of being to a more positive state. In this season (and all year long) I continue to practice learning to let go. It’s about getting to a new place in how we view situations and people—about coming from a place of love rather than fear, and about the importance of love for oneself and others. It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

For me, one of the biggest tools in learning to let go is yoga. Yoga helps us learn to surrender. It helps you change your thought patterns and how you react to what life throws you. It helps you breathe and open your heart. What it’s done for me is to allow me to release my fear. To stay in the moment, and given me the faith to know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

I found yoga at a turning point in my life, and I continue to grow from my practice. By moving through the poses I have been able to grow and look inward. When I practice, I’m able to release lots of emotions and feelings that I hold onto that don’t serve me well. This takes practice and devotion.

When you approach yoga don’t worry about being a beginner or maybe not being all that flexible. There’s no judgment in yoga—that’s what I love about it. For your wellbeing over the holidays, and all year long, yoga is a powerful practice. Here are some poses to try:

  • Downward facing dog—helps me feel grounded. This is the foundation of your yoga practice and it teaches us that if you have a solid base, you can move through anything. It helps you find your center through stillness.

◦Feet hip width distance apart

◦Finger spread, palms pressing into the mat

◦Shoulder blades relax down your back

◦Heels melt towards the mat

◦Belly engaged, hips lift up and back

  • Child’s pose—is a reminder to surrender and let go. I like to start my practice in this open and find my center.

◦Knees to outer edges of mat

◦Sit back on your heals

◦Arms by your side or overhead

◦Forehead chin to mat or block

  • Mountain pose—can help you find strength and resilience.

◦Feet together, big toes touch

◦Ground into all four corners of your feet

◦Spine is long

◦Tuck your tailbone

◦Belly engaged

◦Soften shoulders and face

  • Upward dog— Upward dog—a reminder to open your heart.

◦Hands beneath shoulders

◦Heart is lifted and slightly in front of hands

◦Pressing into palms

◦Tops of feet

◦Thighs engaged

◦Shoulders relax down your back