Susan Cabana cleanse tips

Key Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cleanse


Tip #1

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Begin your day with lemon water. Warm water is better. If you do one thing during and after your cleanse, this should be it. It’s the ritual that can most improve your health.

It’s a simple routine, and it has tremendous benefits:

  • A big boost to your immune system. Lemons are high in vitamin C and potassium. It’s a great way in the winter months to fight colds and to stave off infection.
  • It helps with elimination. Drinking more water helps to facilitate flushing the body, and along with citrus, aids in moving things along.
  • Alkaline. Many studies show that an alkaline body is the key to good health. While lemons are acidic, when consumed they are alkaline, which balances the PH system of the body.
  • It helps metabolism and weight loss. You feel more full from the pectin contained in the lemon. That, alongside the above-mentioned alkaline body that it helps create, have both been shown to help with weight loss.
  • It aids in digestion and flushes out toxins.
  • It encourages radiance. The vitamin C from the lemons helps not only the inside your body, but with your skin, too. It helps boost collagen to fights wrinkles and prevent of acne. And of course, the more water you drink, the better your skin in general.
  • It fights inflammation. Lemons dissolve uric acid in the joints.
  • It’s a great recovery from a workout. Lemon juice helps replenish body salts after a workout.

Given how packed it is with all of the above goodness, is it any wonder that lemon juice and water is recommended as a terrific start to the day? Make it a point to begin your day with a glass and you’ll stay hydrated during the day as well. Its cleansing and healing effects will have positive effects on your whole body.

Over the coming week, we’ll continue to give you key tips and tips and methods on detoxing, to support you in transforming your body, heart, and mind. Stay tuned!