How to Help Your Body Thrive This Labor Day Weekend


Whether you’re headed out of town with family and friends for Labor Day weekend or staying put and relaxing, odds are you’ll be taking advantage of the holiday to kick back and enjoy yourself. So, congrats! You deserve it. At the same time, of course, you want to be good to yourself so you don’t come back to reality (and September is always an especially busy reality, to be sure) next week feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation… just in order to recuperate.

So here are a few golden rules to follow:

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. This is especially important if you’re flying, since it can lead to dehydration. Being on the beach and sun can play a role too. I like to get up and drink lemon water, which boosts hydration and cleanses the body.
  1. Don’t give up the green. One of hardest things for me while I’m away is not having my 32 ounces of a green juice daily. The first thing I do is research whether or not there’s a juice bar in the area. If there isn’t one close by, I bring juices and freeze them.  If I’m doing some intense or long traveling and this isn’t an option, I increase my greens as part of my diet to continue to flood my body with nutrients to replenish my cells and balance my body. I also increase my lemon water intake.
  1. Enjoy! In no way do I ever let myself become so restrictive that I don’t enjoy the food. Overindulging and telling yourself you’ll deal with the results when you get home, or restricting yourself so much that you don’t enjoy the local food and drinks, are bad ideas. An all-or-nothing approach never works.
  1. Sleep.  Take advantage of sleeping more when on vacation. I personally love to go to bed earlier. Or maybe you have some late nights and you get to sleep in longer. Take that time to catch up. Also find time to relax, disconnect with reality, and enjoy the sunshine on your face. Maybe it’s a nap in a hammock or on the beach, but do what you love and slow things down. You deserve it!
  1. Exercise. I love to take the time on vacation to mix things up. Walking on the beach, finding a local yoga studio, playing tennis, or going for a run. However you do it, it’s important to move your body.

So remember: There are no rules but to enjoy your summer vacation. Go with the flow no matter where you go or how long you’re away, and avoid an all-or-nothing approach. There are always ways to add in healthy choices. And the choice is up to you, so choose some of these options so you have fun and your body can thrive!