How to Get Grounded When Life Gets Crazy


To ground ourselves, we need to remove ourselves from the clutter in our minds and connect to the present moment.  We literally need to ground ourselves to Mother Earth and connect to its energies. Grounding ourselves energetically is important for our mental, emotional, and physical health.

So what’s the best way to ground ourselves and connect to the energies of the earth? That’s as easy as it is simple: Walking barefoot in nature. The surface of the Earth holds subtle health-boosting energy that can recharge and heal. Rooting down into the earth provides us with a strong foundation to allow us to grow, blossom, and create.

What do we do when we can’t always take our shoes off? Here’s a list of things that I do:

Breathe: When I breathe and slow things down, I’m able to connect to the present moment and bring an inner calmness to my entire being.

Meditate: I find a quiet space and sit in a comfortable position (if I decide to meditate outside, I like to stand).  When I’m meditating, I try to imagine my spine or my feet (if standing) grounding into the earth like tree roots. I then connect to my breath and let thoughts come through. And then I let go.

Choose the right foods: When I eat any meal, I make a conscious effort to eat seasonally. I also find foods that help me feel relaxed when I need grounding such as root vegetables, sweet vegetables, meat, fish, and beans. When I do this, I can connect back to the source of those foods through the choices I make.

Run or walk outdoors: This is a great way to release tension while being in the presence of nature, which is an immensely restorative experience.

Practice yoga: Here are a few of my favorite grounding poses….

Mountain pose

Feet together, big toes touch one another

Set all four corners of your feet into the ground

Make sure your spine is long

Tuck your tailbone

Check that your belly is engaged

Soften your shoulders and face

This pose can help you find strength and resilience. Picture yourself grounding into the earth, rooting down.


Warrior II

Point your front foot forward, with your knee over your ankle

Position your back foot at a 90-degree angle

Make sure your hips are open

Hold your arms at shoulder height, and your gaze forward

Soften your shoulders

Tuck your belly in and up

Concentrate on moving your energy through your fingers

These poses are great reminders of the strength you have inside. When you hold the pose, breathing helps you find the calm in that moment, even when it may get challenging. That’s such an important lesson in life.


Child’s Pose

Move your knees to the outer edge of the yoga mat

Sit back onto your heels

Bend your forehead onto mat or block

Place your arms by your side or over your head

This is yoga’s resting pose. I love to start off my practice here.  It helps to center and balances me and focuses me on my breath. It can also restore calm after challenging poses. Even more importantly, it’s a great teacher of surrendering.

All of these are effective calming practices to connect you to the earth, to the moment, and to yourself, as well as to your thoughts and experiences. Happy grounding!