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Getting Motivated to Get Back in Shape, Part Two


Knowing how many of us are struggling to get ourselves in the right mindset to work out and get fit after a long winter of hibernation, I’m happy to welcome back guest fitness expert Mike D’Angelo. Mike is an award-winning personal trainer and a certified expert in sports medicine; he trains some of Boston’s biggest names, and is himself an internationally ranked bodybuilder. One of his biggest specialties, though, is in motivating his clients to work out and feel as healthy as they can. Here’s is his second contribution to our site:

OK, so in my last post I talked about how it can actually only take half the time to get yourself back to where you were back when you were in shape last time. And really, getting back there is all in your head.

So let’s talk motivation. When someone’s motivated, they’re thinking about a combination of where they want to be and what actions need to be taken right now to make that happen. When you’re able to see which actions it will take and how long it will be to reach your goal, which serves as a catalyst to take action. That is motivation.

In fact, for most people, when they’re able to envision how they’re going to look and feel once they reach their goal, they’re very motivated to get there. Being conscious enough to understand that the actions you take today is what’s going to result in reaching your goals tomorrow.

So keep your eyes on the prize, and pay attention to what steps you’re taking right now. I love telling people that they’re going to be sore, but they should feel good about that soreness. There’s a difference between a good soreness and a bad one. A good one lets you know you’re making progress—that it’s the body signaling to you that it’s getting stronger, not weaker. That’s the sweet feeling of success!

There isn’t a person out there who’s reached their goal who complains about what it took to get there. They’re just excited they made it and wouldn’t change it for the world. So be sure to keep remembering that you need to ease back into a routine slowly, and that a little bit of work goes a long way. And once again, that getting back to where you were at before in terms of fitness is always a whole lot easier than trying to get there the first time.

When people are getting back into shape, I love peppering them with texts and Facebook messages (and any other means of communication available) to keep them thinking straight, so they can stay on task. They respond well to getting what seems to be a random text that you’re thinking about them, and what they’re doing even when you’re not with them. It makes them feel one of several ways:

  1. Jeez, this guys is calling me out.
  2. Awww, he’s is thinking of me…. I need to be better for him.
  3. Yes, I’m killing it! And thanks for the motivation to stay on it.

All of the above are positive, and often the very thing to jump-start someone who needs a little extra love! So get a friend, trainer, loved one, son or daughter, or girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or heck, even your neighbor, to check in on you. You’ll have a much better shot at staying motivated, and before you know it, you’ll be back in shape.

If you want to check out Part one, you can read it here.

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