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Get Ready for Warm Weather This Month With The #Springfittraining Campaign


Sunny days and balmy breezes are just around the corner this spring, and before we know it, right behind them will be the gorgeous days of summer. So now is the time to get your body and mind in the right shape to enjoy them!

We at Nourish Your Soul want you to look and feel as healthy and happy as you can at one of the year’s most beautiful times of year, and be the best version of you!

So we’ve launched a month-long mission: Join us all throughout April for our #springfittraining program. Follow along with us as we get you motivated to take care of yourself by working out, eating and drinking things that give you energy and lightness, and thinking the thoughts that keep you smiling, laughing, and feeling proud.

It’s the ideal time to give yourself a nutritionally strengthening boost with a juice cleanse coupled with brain-calming (and equally strengthening) practices like meditation, plus body strengthening exercises like yoga and motivating workouts.

And here’s some even more lovely news: When you do one of our cleanses and send us your feedback about how it’s going, what your results have been like, what you like most about it, or just simply how it’s making you feel, you get a great opportunity:

  1. The chance to have your feedback featured on our website, which will highlight your hard work and dedication for our entire community of juice-lovers. We want to hear what you think, and so does everyone else who we’re also helping to cleanse and get healthy. This is one of the biggest ways you can get super support from other Nourish Your Soul-ers who are driven by the same goals as you, and also a terrific way to share your experiences to inspire them!

So go ahead and tell us how you’re doing on your cleanse for your #springfittraining …either via email, Twitter, or Facebook!