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Fall Soul Series: Eliza Shirazi


Our Fall Soul Series continues, spotlighting some of the vital and influential local voices in our community helping us connect our physical movement with inner strength.

In this post we focus on Eliza Shirazi, a twentysomething self-titled ‘fitness firecracker’ who’s evolving from her love of dance,  music, and community into “Kick It”–the kick-butt (literally) classes she teaches at EquinoxThe Club by George Foreman III, and pop up events for Move With. We sat down with her to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about you. How’d you come up with Kick it with Eliza?

I came up with Kick It By Eliza by mistake. I entered UMass Amherst desperate to continue my dancing career, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. I had gone to group fitness classes with my mom growing up and thought, well that’s another form of movement. My very first semester of college I decided to have a meeting with the group fitness director. Little did I know I had to ‘audition.’ But I did: In my velour Bebe jump suit (!), I randomly did 16 counts of kickboxing and slapped a name on it–Kick It. That was in 2009. Now my classes are in high demand and the brand is growing and growing.

How do you nourish your soul?

By following my passion every day. Is that too cliche? Did you stop reading? But I also nourish my soul quite literally… My family is in the food business; my dad and brother co-own a food distributing company, my mom owns a catering business, and my sister-in-law owns Crema Cafe. To me, food is love, and I love food. But to balance it out, I live my dream dripping sweat, yelling eight counts, and creating a ‘Fempire.’

How important is drinking water to you and your daily routine?

Drinking water is so important and something I try to work on every day. I used to be really bad at keeping myself hydrated and would get exhaustion headaches after teaching. Lesson learned. The more water the better. Even if you have to pee every half hour.

What do you like to do for fun in Boston?

Good question! I love trying new restaurants and new food. One of my favorite places to go is the Beat Hotel in Harvard Square. It’s the sister restaurant to the Beehive in the South End. Good food, drinks, and music. The entire experience is delicious. I also love going to fitness events and networking with the Boston fitness community. The New Balance Girls Night Out event is one of my favorite ways to do this. And I’ll be a fitness ambassador for their next event in October to ‘knock out cancer’!

Any daily habits that help you make the most of your day?

Just moving. Whether I’m dancing, kickin’ it, hitting a bag, or hitting the (yoga) mat, movement allows me de-stress and feel free.

One thing you’re really excited about for this fall?

This fall is crazy awesome. Kick It has never been more in demand for classes, and specifically events. Alongside the chaos, Rachel and I are working on opening our own space. It’s so exciting… and scary as shit.

Key people or companies that have helped you grow…

A lot of people have helped me. If I ever won at an awards show they would start playing the exit music and I would only be getting started. But some people you might know: George Foreman III from The Club has been a mentor. He always goes above and beyond in giving me advice and keeping me sharp. Rachel Levine, my best friend and business partner is my 24/7/365 support. There isn’t enough time to tell you how inspirational she is to me. And last but not least, the Shirazis! My family is always supporting me.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Chocolate. Specifically the chocolate chip cookies from Crema Cafe. Someone hold me back!!