David Vendetti, yoga

Fall Soul Series: David Vendetti


Our Fall Soul Series continues, spotlighting some of the vital and influential local voices in our community helping us connect our physical movement with inner strength.

In this post we focus on David Vendetti of South Boston Yoga, an inspiring teacher and vibrant personality in his community. His practice focuses on personal growth, change, realigning our bodies and moving and breathing efficiently. We sat down with him to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about you. Where and what do you teach? How’d you become interested in teaching? 

I teach internationally, locally, and in the virtual realms. But my home base, my sanctuary and my heart are at South Boston Yoga.

What do I teach? It’s such a good question. I teach people that there are many paths to happiness that you know more than you think, and that each person chooses in every moment how they will be seen in this world. I teach that sometimes you have to struggle, doubt, and get a little dirty. It could very well suck and you might hate it but it will change you in ways that may redefine happiness, and what is most important to you. It can be used it to empower, grow, and understand yourself and the world around you. I do a form of bodywork called KMI (kinesis myofascial integration) that teaches people to realign their bodies and move and breathe efficiently. I’m also a yoga teacher. I have been studying for 24 years. I teach a physically challenging, light hearted, and balanced approach to the body. I teach teachers and I am also definitely still learning.

I became interested in teaching through a drive to help others; I wanted to give people the knowledge and tools to change the alignment of their bodies and negative perspectives or patterns of their minds. I spent a lot of time creating the change for the person as a one on one instructor or a body worker but then I started realizing how much more amazing it is to let someone else discover their own truth and create the change themselves. This is why yoga, and self massage classes (ball rolling) can be so exciting. After each class the student can see if their body or emotional state has shifted and should they need to again simply practice what was done.

How do you nourish your soul?

I watch The Walking Dead. I love that show. I make the most amazing ice cream sundaes. I love to play the harmonium and sing Beatles songs… it makes everything good in the world. I walk the dog and just take it all in. I place my face in the nook of my fiancées neck, feel the warmth and rest there. I take a long hot shower and use lavender soap and a scrub brush and then put peppermint creme on my feet after. I teach, and sometimes in teaching, my world changes for the better.

What’s your morning routine look like? 

I roll from bed into the shower, from the shower to the kitchen, make an icky-colored, questionable tasting green smoothie, stuff my puppy into an over-the-shoulder bag and run out the door. Tegan (the dog) and I ride the T to work. It’s my favorite part of the day as people pretend not to see her fluffy face sticking out of my bag. When we get to the studio we spend a few minutes playing and chasing each other outside at the park. Then it’s time for either teaching yoga classes or to go into the office to build this business from the inside out.

What do you like to do for fun in Boston?

I have so many friends that teach yoga, spinning classes, play music, and create art. I love to check out a class or special event that one of my students or friends has put together. Potluck dinners, bonfires, garden parties, and game or movie nights are the best. I love to try new or old favorite restaurants. One of my favorites is Sam’s… the view from Sam’s of the waterfront and city lights is fantastic. Karaoke or Tuesday’s Broadway Show tunes Night at Dbar are both great options for a fantastic night out. Just outside of Boston are my nieces Nika (6) and Seyla (8) and spending time with them doing arts and crafts is really better than anything else!

Any daily habits that help you make the most of your day?  

I like to check on my plants….  You know, just visit them one by one and see how they’re doing. I definitely try to do some form of self-care. Whether it’s yoga, lifting weights, singing, massage, or myofascial ball rolling, I am acutely aware of how much better my day is with a little self care. Also eating something vibrant, energizing, and fresh. I have found when I don’t eat, or eat poorly; I really struggle both physically and feel foggy mentally. This last one has been challenging and very important lesson to learn.

Key people or companies that have helped you grow…

The people who have really inspired, moved me, and shown such profound love that it honestly changed the direction of my life: Mette Spaniardi, I was a basic ballet dancer and you worked with me during your free time for no reason other than you saw how much it meant to me. I love you for that. Tommy Thompson, when I walked across your Alexander treatment room that felt like home to me and you put your hand on my neck. I collapsed and you held me as my body released and unwound the trauma from a car accident. It was the very first day we met and I trusted you completely. Jacqui Bonwell, for your weekly soul gaze into my heart and the countless times you saved me without knowing it. Kristin Heavy, for the time I was so depressed I could barely speak and you gave me a shovel and some seeds and said, “Dig and plant… something beautiful will grow from this.” Jeannie Parkus, because all of the radiant love and poetry and positivity you bring to the world every day. Your smile alone is a life changer! Susan Goldberg, for inexpressible wisdom, profound love and the creation of a vision still being born. Jean Appollon, because to have met you is to know that I am not alone in the desire to uplift and create more joy. Annie Hoffman, for the tenderest things and for reaching through and telling me you saw the heart of everything. Ellen Zucker, because even though we were just kids in high school you taught us to think for ourselves and to be human. Mom and Dad, for showing me how to live and love and even though I baffled you at times you loved me always. Jenny and Matt, for how ridiculously amazing you are. All the graduates of our teacher training program, you have no idea how much I love you all and how my life has been forever changed by your courage, tenacity and stunning vulnerability. Lastly and wholeheartedly, Brandon. Companies who have helped me grow? Plank Mats, Lululemon, Prague Spirit Festival, Wanderlust, Nantucket Yoga Festival, Boston Magazine, Yoga Reaches Out…. I’m sure there are others, and I am eternally grateful.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? 


Anything else to share with our community? 

Yes. This thing called being human is not easy. It is messy, infuriating, painful, soul wrenching, and heartbreaking. But in the mess there comes the creation of something rich and new; in the infuriation is the fire and drive to fight and stand up for the life you want; in the pain is the chance for find the cause and heal; and then sharing the journey of healing with those who are hurting; in the soul-wrenching is the reminder that we are human and in the heartbreaking is the fractured pieces that reflect the light and make life brilliant.

The act of becoming a success is the accumulation of as many failures as it takes. Think of what it took to make a plane fly or a computer fit in your back pocket. Let go of your opinions of how you think your life should be and thrive in the moment you are in now. Surround yourself with the people, places, and things that make you feel gratitude. We become what we surround ourselves with. Seek to find a way to make a difference. Finally if you need a crazy good yoga class with great vibes and amazing people, come find me at South Boston Yoga. Thank you and see you on the mat!