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Everything in Moderation… Even Excess


Summer’s here and we’re surrounded by fresh fruit and veggies that are in season! BUT… instead you find yourself overindulging in not-so-healthy foods. You’re not alone. Maybe it’s the BBQ, picnics, drinks, or just eating more on vacation. Instead of feeling light, you feel bloated, hung over, and far from your best self.  Believe me, we’ve all been there!

There’s no black and white when it comes to our well being. Going to extremes is never good for anyone emotionally or physically. We all know that eating healthy foods (meaning whole, fresh, and not processed) is the way to go, but there are times when we indulge too much and overeat, or just plain make the wrong choices. I’m here to say it is OKAY to do that sometimes. Let go of the guilt; it doesn’t help. The way we live should never be all or nothing. When we fall off the wagon, we just need to get back on track to find the right balance.

So how do we do that? It’s about nourishing your soul.

One of my favorite things is to enjoy good food and wine with good friends. It’s good for my soul and makes me happy. I also like to enjoy a great piece of chocolate cake, wine, or a wonderful dish of pasta. I couldn’t imagine not indulging in what I love—life would be so boring!

Clients and friends ask all the time of me, when looking to lose a few pounds: “Are you going to tell me to I can’t drink or never have my favorite foods?” The answer is definitely no! Can you imagine missing out on nights out with friends or brunch with loved ones?

You should always do what makes your body feel good, and not hold strict rules over yourself when it comes to eating. Personally, I don’t see why you shouldn’t indulge in foods you love, as long as you’re eating healthy the majority of the time. It’s about moderation, not limitations.

It’s not about the diet or restriction, it is about loving the body you’re in. Here are some tips to get back on track to help you feel your best. But again, always keep in mind: It’s all about balance!

  1. Sweat: Breaking a sweat helps you eliminate toxins, gives you endorphins and overall, helps you feel good about your body. Nike wasn’t wrong when they came up with the slogan, “Just Do It.” Sure, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated and when we overindulge, we want to beat ourselves up, and then we freeze. Just move on, get yourself to the gym, go for a run, find a yoga class, and move your body.
  2. Eat clean: If you’ve been eating the wrong foods that bloat you and make you cranky, then start to add in whole foods that help you feel good and give you more energy. Try a fresh green juice and flood your body with hydration and nutrients, fruits and veggies. That means good carbs such as quinoa and brown rice, healthy fats such as avocados and nuts.
  3. Schedule a cleanse: When you’re ready to start establishing more balance in your diet, it’s time to schedule a cleanse. It can help you cleanse toxins, give your body a break from digesting foods, and help you crave healthier foods.
  4. Water: Instead of reaching for that greasy breakfast because might have had too much too drink last night and woke up bloated, try drinking water. Even better: lemon water. Water can hydrate after a night of drinking, suppress your appetite, fight bloating, and get things moving.
  5. Resist making unrealistic goals: Start to crowd out the bad foods with good ones. But try not to go to extremes like skipping meals, only eating salads, and being too restrictive.
  6. Remember to love the body you’re in:Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself self-love, and be your own cheerleader. When you start feeling down, write down what you love about yourself. And also start a food journal; keep track of what you’re eating and how it makes you feel. It helps empower you to make good choices

So go ahead and play. Just never forget that life is about balance!