Nourish Your Soul healthy cleanse

Help Your Body, Save Your Money


We’re kicking off our Grand Opening at Healthworks in Back Bay with brand new cleanses to encourage a brand new path of your healthiest fall living!

Even better, order any Nourish Your Soul cleanse by October 15th online, and use code CLEANSE10 and you’ll save 10%. Choose a 1- to 5-day cleanse at three different levels. Cleanses can be picked up at any of our three locations or delivered straight to your door.

Our fantastic two  new cleanses include…

Glow Cleanse: Perfect for first-time cleansers who need to kick start healthier eating, or for those who don’t want to commit to a full day of cleansing. It’s designed to reset and detox the body, providing you with a glow from the inside out. You’ll receive five juices and then add in a healthy meal for dinner. The juices include: a.m. water; a choice of green juice and ppm (pineapple pear mint); a choice of almond or cashew milk; and detox lemonade. Choose a 1- to 5-day cleanse.

Purify Cleanse: Designed for maximum detoxification, this is ideal for greens lovers and those seeking a deep cleanse; it floods the body with vital nutrients and chlorophyll, and restores alkalinity. You receive seven juices and no milks. Juices include: a.m. water; choice of three green juices; ppm (pineapple pear mint); lavender charcoal lemonade; and aloe water. Choose a 1- to 5-day cleanse.

Need some additional inspiration in deciding whether or not cleanse right now? Get it right here.