Finding balance for fall

Back to school, back to balance


Whether you’ve got kids or not, September marks the beginning of a new year. A new season with new opportunities to create and change. It can be a time of self-evaluation and reflection as we move into a new season that offers us grounding energy, and we settle into routines and schedules. So take this time to manifest what you want for yourself and your family.

1.  Detox: Get rid of behaviors and negative thoughts that no longer serve you. You have the capacity to change, so hand it over to the universe, the fears and thoughts that limit you. Be accountable for your thoughts and actions.

2.  Reflect: Find a space that allows you to fully focus, and let some positive energy flow. Take a few minutes to light a candle, meditate, or put some music on.

3.  Set goals: Look at everything you want. Dream big. Write down what you really want. It should excite you, and maybe even be far-reaching. It can be anything from making more money to a new job, or finding love or more happiness. But make sure they’re specific and measurable.

4.  Create a vision: Either on a board or typed, record your ideas and goals. Put in on Pinterest, or quietly in your own study. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have a place to reference your own ideas. Just find a place that you can see view your goals on a regular basis.

5. Breathe in your goals, and feel them: It’s important to make the connection between what your goal is and how it feels. Ultimately, it’s the feeling your end game gives you that is actually the true goal.

As we head into this season, let’s make it the best fall yet. Whether it’s that you want to eat healthier, get to the gym more, or have more energy, know you can create it!