Exfoliation Dry Brush

Another Key Cleanse Tip!


As we all continue in our mission to live as clean as we can, here’s one key tactic: exfoliation.

Have you tried dry brushing yet? If you have not, you’re missing out on a simple routine that you can easily add into your morning before your shower or at night before bed. It has amazing benefits for the skin—that mega of organ of the body.

Moreover, it just feels good—like a self-massage, and it gets your circulation and everything flowing. Not only does it boost your circulation and lymphatic drainage, it also helps you shed dead skin and it helps rid the body of toxins.


  1. It aids in buffing away dead skin, which promotes new cell growth, resulting in smoother and clearer skin.
  2. It boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage. That releases toxins and wastes so the body functions more effectively.
  3. By opening up the pores, your skin absorbs more nutrients when you apply products afterwards.
  4. It helps with cellulite, which smooths out the skin.

How often:

You should ideally do it daily, but especially so during a cleanse.

How to dry brush:

You should dry brush just before your shower, while skin is dry. (Never get the brush wet.) Starting at your feet, then move up your body to your legs (front and back), stomach (counterclockwise), butt, and arms.  You should only brush towards the heart, making long sweeps with the brush.  And, don’t brush too hard: it should invigorate your skin but not irritate it.

The tools:

I love BAUDELAIRE dry brush, which is available through Follain. You can find them at other sources as well, but be careful to make sure that they’re natural, and that the bristles are firm.

Try it daily, or even twice a day, but again: especially when cleansing. Give it a month and let us know what you think!